6 Nov, 2023

Impacts of Telemedicine in Rural Areas

Introduction  Telemedicine’s effect on patient outcomes in underserved areas is a vital topic that can be studied as part of…

6 Nov, 2023

Health care delivery system

Introduction  The healthcare system has recently been a great concern in most nations. The United States is proclaimed as one…

6 Nov, 2023

Grand Nursing Theories

Discussion Post Reply  Hello, I agree with you that a crucial component of nursing research and practice is grand theories.…

6 Nov, 2023

Environmentalism relating to an existential concept

Invoking Heidegger’s Concept of Worlds and Technology to Revise Comprehension of the Function and Purpose of Environmentalism Technology has become…

6 Nov, 2023

Doctoral Seminar II MOD 2 Discussion

In this discussion, I will focus on a study conducted by Adesanya (2019) on the relationship between healthcare utilization factors…

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